A very important part of getting your photographs to look how you want them to is how you dress! Certain colors, textures, and articles of clothing photograph better than others. The last thing I want you to have to worry about is the stress of figuring out what to wear to your session below I've listed some tips to help you get the perfect images you want. This does not mean that you have to wear any of these or go out and buy a whole new wardrobe for your session these are just suggestions to make things easier.

Women, Moms & Girls

I love the way a long dress or skirt photographs. Short dresses are not the best for sessions only because it makes us limited to certain poses and positions. If dresses are not your thing that is totally ok! I love rompers too! If that is not your style just a simple dark jean and nice shirt works too or if you are into a little bit of an edgy style torn jeans with your favorite band shirt looks great too! If none of these speak to you don't worry we will come up with something that suits you.

Men, Dads & Boys

The guys have it easier that is for sure. Dark jeans, khakis or shorts and a nice shirt preferably a button up shirt over a polo only because polos can be tight and unflattering for photographing. And if possible no tennis shoes. Don't be offended if I ask you to remove your hat for some photos. Hats can cause shadows and make it hard to see your face.

Children & Babies

Kids are pretty similar to adults. Boys a nice plain shirt and jeans or shorts. Girls a long dress or rompers are perfect!


Warm earthy tones work best. For example beige, warm pink/purple, mustard yellow, red, olive green, gray, and blue. Accent colors are great to incorporate. You want to coordinate not match perfectly. Try to stick to only one person wearing a pattern. Too much of the same pattern clashes. But feel free to add in different textures ( Lace, sweaters, and flowy materials) Accessories for women, moms, and girls such as hats, scarves, and vests are fun ways to add texture to your photographs and are easy to add and remove for different looks. Texture adds so much to your photos!

Things to avoid.

Bright neon colors. Logo shirts and graphic t-shirts. Short dresses, skirts, and shorts. Again this is not me being against any certain clothing or style these are just tips for things that do and do not photograph well.


1) To be best prepared for your session make sure that you remove everything from your pockets such as phones, keys, and wallets.

2) Make sure you have nothing on your wrist other than bracelets or specific jewelry you want to be in your photographs. So no hair ties. Also, I know fitness style watches are pretty popular for example a Fitbit or Apple watch but these items can cause distraction in up-close detail shots so if you don't mind removing those as well.

3) This last one is a hard one and I totally get it but try to make sure your child's face is clean from any snacks or make sure to bring some wet wipes to keep everyone looking sharp and that is not me judging you because 90% of the time my little ones have stuff on their faces also. I just want to give you the best photographs that I can.

Check out my Pinterest for ideas!